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We are committed to building quality infrastructure projects with our highly experienced team that focuses on delivering quality service and effective construction planning. We are also proudly known for locally manufacturing a wide range of high quality products.

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Projects- Over 30 Years of Experience

We have established major projects and iconic landmarks such as mosques and schools, which catered to both the government and private sectors in the country. We also aim to boost the development of Brunei Darussalam though contributing quality infrastructures.

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For generations, we have been locally manufacturing products that are dependable, long-lasting and of excellent quality. Today, key players in the construction industry and thousands of households in Brunei trusts our products.


Designed to protect any infrastructure against extreme weather climate.


Wall Cladding

Keeping homes and buildings secure with an added layer of protection.


Water Tank

Brunei most trusted water tank with 25 years of proven quality and services.


Portable Cabin

Portable Cabins are traditionally used as office and storage room for construction…


Metal Louvres

Elegantly fabricated to improve your indoor day lighting.


Structure Steel

Provides solid foundation & great support to the structural integrity of infrastructures.


Light Weight Galvanized Steel

Light Weight, high quality steel structure that’s engineered with precision for easier…



Experience World-Class Quality

Ministry of Development Registered Class 6 Contractor

ISO Certified

ABCi Certified
LSL Roofing
LSL Portable
Cabin LSL Insulation

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