Portable Cabin

Portable Cabin

Portable Cabins are traditionally used as office and storage room for construction site and industrial usage, Portable Cabins have extended to common space solution for individuals and home owners in this present day. With the advantage of mobility, Portable Cabins can easily transported to ideal locations and sites for various uses.

Standard Basic Cabin Size

CODE W(ft) L(ft) H(ft)
PC810 8 10 8
PC815 8 15 8
PC820 8 20 8
PC830 8 30 8
PC840 8 40 8
PC1020 10 20 8
PC1030 10 30 8
PC1040 10 40 8

Standard Basic Include

  • Galvanized 6mm C-Channel Footing
  • Forklift Pocket
  • Compodeck Roofing Insulation
  • 1 Nos 900mm x 2,100mm metal flush door
  • 1 Nos 1800mm x 900mm aluminum framed sliding window with tinted glass

Customizing Options

  • Size and Dimension
  • Colours and Wall Design
  • Electrical and Wiring Components
  • Toilet and Water Piping Options

Crosss Section View

  1. White foam sandwich panel insulation Ceiling
  2. 9mm Gypsum board wall fitted to frame
  3. W900mm x H2100mm Metal Flush Door
  4. 1800mm x 900mm Aluminum frame sliding window with Tinted glass
  5. 18mm thick plywood flooring
  6. Forklift Pocket
  1. LSL Compodeck Metal Roofing
  2. LSL Metal Battern A5005 / A3008
  3. Lifting Lug fixed to top structure fram
  4. Optional Color Dek or Color Clad Wall
  5. LSL LC 10020 purlin structure frame to be welded to Footing
  6. Portable Cabin Base Frame
  7. 2ft. span between Lip-Channel
  8. Hot Dip Galvanised 6mm C-Channel Footing

Material Specifications

Materials used meet stringent tests such as tensile strength, QUV simulate, cyclic corrosion, QCT, gloss uniformly, T-bend, impact resistance optical admission.

Base Metal Steel

Complies with JIS G3312; AS1397; MS1196

Minimum Tensile Strength

350 to 550 MPa

Base Steel Coating

Zinc Coated (Z18) / Aluminum Zinc 55% Coated (AZ150)
Primer Coat: Epoxy Finish (Top Coat)

Standard Paint System

Regular Polyester / Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP) / Poly Vinyl Fluorine (PVF2) Service (Backer): Polyester

Paint Coating Thickness

5 - 10μmmax

Service (Baker) Coat Primer

5 - 10μmmax

Coat Finish Coat

15 - 25μmmax

Primer + Finish Coat

20 - 35μmmax

Coating Specifications

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