Colour LOK

Colour LOK

Colour LOK is a high rib roof with 2 pan using clip-on system profile. This profile is specifically ideal for low pitch roofs with strong wind and heavy rainfall terrain. The anti-leak capillary design and conceal clips on this profile can accept roof pitch to as low as 2 degrees.


  • High effective coverage and clips usage; reduces the usage of fasteners and piercing through the roof sheets.
  • The Unique Rib & Clip locking design ensures strong grip and prevent wind uplift.
  • The Colour LOK profile does not have any exposed fasteners on the surface, hence avoids the common leakage caused by improper fasteners installation and/or corrosion arising from the fastener heads on some other common profiles.
  • The high sectional properties of Colour LOK reduce the related structural design framing support.

Clips & Accessories

  • The Colour LOK clips are specially designed to achieve great interlocking application.
  • Use Water Head M5 x 30 Self Drilling Screws for fastening of clips to purlins.
  • Use Hex Head M5 x 20 Self Drilling Screws with Neoprene Washer for stitching of flashing or capping onto roof shet.
  • Use Hex Head M5 x 65 Sekf Drilling Screws with Neoprene Washer for fastening of edge of roof sheets to Purlins.

Technical Data


Total Coated Thickness (mm) 0.48 0.54 0.6
Base Metal Thickness (mm) 0.42 0.48 0.54

Unit Area

Mass Per Unit Area (kg/m2) 4.61 5.43 6.28
Mass Per Unit Area (kg/m) 0.41 0.51 0.59

Material Specifications

Materials used for LSL Colour LOK meet stringent tests as tensile strenght. QUV simulate, cyclic corrosion, QCT, gloss uniformly, T-bend, impact resistance and optical admission.