Metal Roof Battens

Metal Roof Battens

Easy to install economical alternative to timber battens with resistance to termite attacks.


Cold-rolled steel sections from pre-galvanized steel (Zn coated or Al/Zn coated 55%) coil to produce a cost-effective building material that allows fast fixing to frame members and labour cost reductions.

High demand by both engineers and developers as well owners due to being an economical alternative to timber battens. The consistent quality and dimensional accuracy as well as the resistance to termite attack have proven the product’s worthiness.

Substrate : Hot dip process metallic alloy coating zinc, aluminum and silicon
Base Metal Standards : AS 1397-1993
Feeding Width : Approximately 118mm, 165mm, 215mm
Thickness : 0.50mm, 0.80mm, 1.00mm
Nominal Lengths : Any transportable length


Laying and Lapping of Steel Roof Battens

To minimize cutting, lay all battens in one direction, starting from one end.
The overlap must be supported over a truss or rafter, as shown in the figure above.
Minimum overlap-ping distance is 100mm.

Handling and Storage

All metal roof battens should be kept dry and stored under cover and above the ground.
To maximize the steel batten life cycle, steel sections which are exposed to water must be separated
and air dried as soon as possible to remove any moisture retention.

Section Properties Batten A7508 Batten A5005 Batten A3008
Mass (kg/m) 1.410 0.53 1.89
Area, A (mm2) 172 85.5 94.4
Depth, D (mm) 73.7 49.3 30
Width, B-(mm) 102 50 72
Thickness, t (mm) 0.8 0.5 0.80
Second Moment of Area, lxx (mm4) 81521 21188 13175
Second Moment of Area, lyy (mm4) 160341 27664 24379
Radius of Gyration, rx (mm) 23.28 15.63 13.05
Radius of Gyration, ry (mm) 32.65 17.86 17.75
Elastic Modulus, Zxx (mm3) Top 2673 921 732
Elastic Modulus, Zy (mm3) Bottom 2673 1115 878
Elastic Modulus, Zyy (mm3) Left 3340 864 762
Elastic Modulus, Zxx (mm3) Right 3340 892 786


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